Sunday, May 29, 2022




Nearshoring can prove invaluable in the Electronics Manufacturing Services Industry

For all manufacturers, the eternal challenge is to produce the highest quality product in the shortest amount of time at the most competitive price. For decades, companies sought to meet that challenge by establishing operations on distant continents.

Persistent problems stemming from long distances and poor communication, cultural barriers and delivery obstacles have reinforced the value of what Masterwork Electronics has known for years—locating production facilities closer to home, or nearshoring, is the smart choice for U.S. manufacturers. In an industry as specialized and customized as electronic component, cable and harness, and printed circuit board assemblies, this provides a huge value to our customers.

In our case, Mexicali, Mexico is the ideal location for Masterwork's high-quality/lower cost/faster delivery operations model.

Key Benefits of Nearshoring

- Quality: No leap of faith required when you can visit your product or your partners

- Time: Transit time and transport costs decrease due to the proximity of the manufacturing plant. Costly International air freight or lengthy ocean freight no longer applies

- Money: Shorter lead times mean less inventory tied up; Affordable labor costs in Mexico make us competitive

- Trust: Build face-to-face, personal relationships with customers and suppliers